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hypnotism what it is how it is done its uses different methods experiments and case histories by walter b gibson

Hypnotism: What It Is, How It Is Done; Its Uses; Different Methods; Experiments and Case Histories by Walter B. Gibson


New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1970. Hardcover. 124 pages ; 22 cm. $3.95 dust jacket. Pages toned. Binding sound. No markings on pages.

by Walter B. Gibson

Hypnotism is a practical science and its fundamentals are not difficult to grasp. Many people have acquired skill as hypnotists by simple but careful application of the basic methods and principles. Anyone can become a hypnotist, if he has the inclination and can develop a suitable personality while studying the accepted methods.

This book, however, has a broader scope than mere instruction. It seeks to acquaint the reader with the whole range of hypnotic phenomena, from ancient to modern times.

Few men are more qualified than Walter B. Gibson to write definitively of hypnosis and the science of hypnotism. He has studied every phase of the subject for more than forty years and has written extensively on its history and use. He is the author of Hypnotism Through the Ages and The Key to Hypnotism, as well as more than fifty books on magic and the psychic sciences.

The constantly growing interest in Hypnotism has demanded a new and popular treatment of the subject This book has been designed as the answer to that need. Its groundwork is based upon the rules established by long-accepted authorities. Findings of earlier experimenters in Hypnotism, particularly qualified physicians and trained scientists, are quoted precisely and in all necessary detail.

These findings, however, have also been brought up-to-date, and comparisons of older methods of Hypnotism with more modern techniques form an important feature of this book, something not found in other volumes intended for the general public. The signal purpose has been to convey a sound understanding of Hypnotism in a simple, direct way, keeping technical terms down to the required minimum.

With such knowledge at his disposal, anyone can decide how far he should proceed in the study of Hypnotism and the types of tutelage thaisluudiUie chosen toward the mastery of this truly fascinating science.
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