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Horse under water: A novel by Len Deighton - Cultural Heritage Books

Horse under water: A novel by Len Deighton


New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1968. Stated "First American Edition, 1968" on the copyright page. Hardcover. 255 pages ; 22 cm. Price clipped dust jacket. Light toning to pages, and unmarked as well. Binding are firm.


A possible revolution In Portugal, a sunken submarine containing millions, a machine which could offer the nation to possess it mastery of the vital Arctic seas—such are the initial ingredients of Len Deighton's exciting novel of international intrigue. Then, as Deighton's famed nameless agent gets Involved, HORSE UNDER WATER really becomes exciting.

It is a novel in which skin diving, drug trafficking, and blackmail all figure, as the dead hand of a long defeated Hitler-Germany reaches out to Portugal, London, and Marrakesh, threatening to bring about a resurgence of horrors thought safely interred forever.

The detail of Len Deighton's novel is, as always, frightening but unfaultable; the story as up-to-date as this morning's headlines. Deighton's hero is insolent, fallible, captious, and capricious—in other words human. Perhaps you will find him less attractive than the men against whom he works. But in the world of international espionage the rules of chivalry are but millstones around an agent's neck. As the agent himself warns a colleague: "Don't desire vengeance or think that if someone murders you tomorrow we will be tracking him down mercilessly. We won't."

Len Deighton. Born central London 2/18/29. Mother's name Fitzgerald.

Description — Dark complexion, 14 stone, 6 feet tall. Cruel, sardonic sense of humor. Large hands, stubby fingers used to punctuate rapid, neurotic speech. Bayonet scar palm right hand. Drinks warily, seldom smokes.

Skills — Extensive knowledge military history, modern control systems, aircraft (especially helicopters), vehicles, weapons, tactics. Marksman; never hunts animals. Good cook.

Experience — Railway man, Piccadilly waiter, Madison Avenue adman, Vogue fashion artist, photographer R.A.F. Mosquitoes, manager Aldgate gown factory. Seen Vista-Vision blue films in pre-Castro Cuba, typhoon in Tokyo, hurricane passing New York. Given talk over Soviet radio. Once fell into Hong Kong Harbor, fatty tissue saved him.

Praise from both sides of the Atlantic

From America: "What a pleasure to spy fans to find a book with class ... Pick up (a Deighton novel) and you won't put it down. There will be only one regret —when you come to the final page and realize you have finished it. No one who has read Deighton wants to say goodbye." —Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

"Deighton spins a whale of a yarn ... He is a whiz at swift-paced espionage— cum. suspense." —JOHN BARKHAM, Saturday Review Syndicate

From England: "Mr. Deighton is an outstanding writer, as clever as all get-out, and as crammed with delights as a pudding with plums." —London Sunday Times

And from England for his latest novel to reach America:
"Fairly fizzes with energy." -London Times

"I had a sneaking feeling I was breaking the Official Secret Act .every time I opened the book." -London Daily Express

"HORSE UNDER WATER, full of sex, wit, and searing tension, is authentic to the last footnote." -Vogue

"It is the ruthless air of reality that sets Len Deighton's spies and counter-spies in the very top class of thriller writing. As the Department would say: 'Upgrade to top priority readings.' " -Current Literature

"The story simply breathes the air of espionage and the result is gripping. Those who have tasted Deighton's genius before know that you don't read his books—you live them page by page." —Manchester Evening News & Chronicle

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