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  • Homage to Georges Rouault edited by G. di San Lazzaro
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Homage to Georges Rouault edited by G. di San Lazzaro

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New York : Tudor Publishing, 1971. Hardcover. 127 pages ; illustrated ; 29 cm. Include one original lithograph by Georges Rouault. Very good copy; no underlines or markings within the pages. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Special issue of the XXe Siécle Review
Edited by G. di San Lazzaro
With a lithograph from an original work by Rouault

This special issue of the Xxe Siécle Review contains important new studies by Jean Cassou, Raymond Cogniat, Pierre Courthion, Bernard Dorival and Gaöton Picon, the main commentaries provoked at the time by Georges Rouault's early work and recollections by some of the artist's most faithful friends, including Léon Lehmann, a fellow pupil in Gustave Moreau's studio. In an article written in 1910, Jacques had already noticed the « sharp, secret movement in Rouault's drawing. Two years later, Rouault settled in Versailles near Jacques and Raissa Maritain and the two writers became friends with the painter of clowns, prostitutes and judges. Maritain has recalled the intensity of Rouault's painting that « surged up from man's inner depths. Still others, Fathers Morel, Th. Calmel and Cocagnac, Francois Mauriac, André Malraux, Christian Zervos, Maurice Brillant, Marcel Arland and Rouault's daughter, Geneviöere Nouaille-Rouault, lead us into the most secret reaches of the artist's life and work. Thus, we hope to have given this « Homage, » published on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of Georges Rouault's birth, a raison d'étre and an unquestionable originality.

Do not speak of me unless it is to extol art; do not call me the smoky firebrand of revolt and negation. A scream in the night, a stifled sob, a choked laugh—what I have done is nothing. Do not give me so much importance. Every day, all over the world, thousands and thousands of anonymous toilers—all worth more than I—work themselves to death.

I am the silent friend of those laboring in the hollow furrows; I am the ivy of eternal misery clinging to the leprous wall rebellious humanity's vices and virtues are hidden behind. In such perilous times, I, a Christian, believe only in Jesus on the Cross.