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Hitler : a study in tyranny by Alan Bullock. - Cultural Heritage Books

Hitler : a Study in Tyranny by Alan Bullock


New York : Harper & Row, 1962. Hardcover. 848 pages : illustrations, portraits, maps, genealogical table ; 22 cm. $8.95 dust jacket. A few rips and tears to jacket, but nothing major. Binding are firm, pages are unmarked, but toned.

By Alan Bullock
Completely Revised Edition

This volume, the first complete life of the German tyrant to be published in any language, was immediately acclaimed all over the world as an outstanding biography. It remains, ten years after its first publication, an incomparably authoritative, absorbing and readable account of one of the most extraordinary careers in history.

Mr. Bullock's sources for this exhaustive study included the massive German archives, evidence given at the Nuremberg trials, and countless documents, speeches, memoirs and diaries of men in close contact with the Fiihrer. But new information is continually coming to hand and he has now thoroughly revised the volume.

In his Introduction to this new edition Mr. Bullock says: "In the ten years since this book was first published much new material has appeared which throws light on the history of the Nazi Party and the Third Reich. I have taken the opportunity of a new edition to make a thorough revision of the whole text, taking this material into account^Shd, where it seemed necessary-rewriting in order to make use of it.

"The passage of ten years also means a change of perspective: this is more difficult to take into account. I have found no reason to alter substantially the picture I drew of Hitler when the book was first published, although I have not hesitated to change emphasis where it no longer seemed right. It is in the account of the events leading up to the Second World War that I have made the most complete revision, partly because of the large number of new diplomatic docu-ments that have been published, partly because it is here that my own views have been most affected by the longer perspec-tive in which we are now able to see these events."

ALAN BULLOCK, who is now Master of St. Catherine's College, Oxford, is a prominent historian and well-known broadcaster. Born in 1914, he grew up in the north of England and was trained as an historian at Oxford. From 1940 to 1945 he worked in the B.B.C.'s European Service, acting as Diplomatic Correspondent during the latter part of the war. He then became a fellow of the New College, and in 1952 was made Censor of St. Catherine's. With F. W. Deakin he is general editor of the Oxford History of Modern Europe. Among his other books are The Liberal Tradition and The Life and Times of Ernest Bevin; he edited The Ribbentrop Memoirs. Mr. Bullock is married, has four children, and lives at Oxford.


"Will long remain, I believe, the definitive and standard work on the subject." —WILLIAM SHIRER

"Mr. Bullock brought to his difficult task an untiring zest for research and a high literary gift. His pleasing and lucid style and the way in which he has arranged the vast material, giving it a well-proportioned shape and dramatic tension, place his book close to the most renowned achievements of British historiography." —Christian Science Monitor

"This biography of Hitler by Alan Bullock is a remarkable achievement. It is comprehensive, clear and well-written." —H. R. TREVOR-ROPER, N.Y. Times

"This scholarly and balanced biography is certainly the best single book on the Fiihrer. Covering the whole of Hitler's life, and making extensive use of the abundant sources, Mr. Bullock has contributed most valuably to our picture of the Nazi era." —Foreign Affairs

"This monumental study may well become the standard work on Der Fiihrer. . . . Mr. Bullock has handled with ease and high literacy the mountains of facts available." —Current History

"This is a fascinating biography of a fascinating personality. Even in retrospect one wonders in amazement how a man so crude, vulgar, and ignorant, so thoroughly devoid of all the higher attributes of human kind, could rise to such heights of power not only within Germany but throughout the world." —H. J. MORGENTHAU

"Alan Bullock's life of Hitler is our most comprehensive biography of the German dictator, and it is an impressive and satisfying performance." —G. A. CRAIG, N.Y. Herald Tribune Book Review

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