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  • Heinz Mack: Light by Helmut Friedel
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Heinz Mack: Light by Helmut Friedel

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Publisher : Hirmer Publishers
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 424
Publication Date : 1/15/2018
Condition : BRAND NEW
Throughout the many decades of his career, Heinz Mack has kept a singular focus on light. The search for new possibilities for visualizing light has kept him open to new ideas for more than half a century, providing inspiration for both new forms and new techniques. This book, compiled by Mack himself, draws on his entire oeuvre to reveal the multifaceted role of light within his work. Through Mack’s art, we see natural and artificial life anew, as it can only be seen through the vision of a mystic who nonetheless works confidently with the tools and information of our rational age.