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graf zeppelin the adventures of an aerial globetrotter the life story of one of the most successful and beloved aircraft ever built and of its great commander dr hugo eckener by j gordon vaeth

Graf Zeppelin : The adventures of an Aerial Globetrotter; The life story of one of the most successful and beloved aircraft ever built and of its great commander, Dr. Hugo Eckener by J. Gordon Vaeth


New York : Harper & Brothers, 1958. First Edition. Stated. Hardcover. 235 pages ; photographs ; 22 cm. $4.00 dust jacket with some minor chipping around the jacket edges. Fraying to head and tail of spine. Address rubber stamped on flyleaf. Pages are unmarked. Binding is firm.

J. Gordon Vaeth

Graf Zeppelin is the biography of one of the most successful and beloved aircraft ever built and of its great commander, Dr. Hugo Eckener. This is no tale of failure or tragedy in the air; the Graf was the safest of the dirigibles and was perhaps the most famous aircraft of all time. It circled the earth, explored the Arctic, made scores of Atlantic crossings, and pioneered the first scheduled air passenger, mail, and cargo service across the Atlantic. The Graf s exploits provided the press and public with some of the most sensational news stories of the late 1920's and early 1930s, and its flights were commemorated by the postage stamps of a dozen nations.

This book recreates those flights, adventures, and achievements. It takes the reader into the passenger cabin and lounge, up forward to the control room, through the immensity of the seventh-of-a-mile-long, hydrogen-filled hull. In its pages the reader relives the Grafs career, takes part in its every significant trip, and experiences its moments of darkest danger and greatest triumph. It tells the story, too, of the Grafs remarkable commander: Dr. Hugo Eckener, the cigar-smoking, outspoken airman who might have become president of Germany but never bothered to conceal his anti-Nazi sentiments.
Thirty-two pages of photographs.

About the Author

J. GORDON VAETH was born in'Nev&York City ii$ 1921. He attended Roosevelt High School, Yonkers, and gra^itSted from N6w York University. Even in his undergraduate days he was interested in and writing articles about dirigibles. It was an interest which led to his being commissioned in the Naval Reserve and his assignment during World War II to Navy lighter-than-air commands.

At present Mr. Vaeth concerns himself primarily with missiles and satellites as Head of the New Weapons and Systems Division of the U.S. Naval Training Device Center, Port Washington, Long Island. He, his wife and small son live in nearby Glen lead.

Mr. Vaeth s first book was Two Hundred Miles Up, a nonfiction work on upper-atmosphere research published in 1951. A contributor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, he has authored aeronautical and astronautical articles for Look, This Week, Flying, the New York Times Magazine, the U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, and numerous professional publications.

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