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goodbye mr chips by james hilton

Goodbye, Mr. Chips by James Hilton


Boston : Little, Brown and Company, 1935. Early printing. Hardcover. 125 pages ; 20 cm. A very good copy with the original $1.25 dust jacket still intact. Original owner name on half-title page. Otherwise, no markings to pages and binding are firm.

Alexander Woollcott in The New Yorker says:
"Let me be the first to tell you that there has just been published in this country a tender and gentle story as warming to the heart and as nourishing to the spirit as any I can remember. Like 'Ethan Frome', it is one of those un-classifiable works which lie in the untrodden domain between the short story and the novel, and it strikes certain chords which have not been plucked in just its way since that day when, for the last time and for all time, Colonel Newcome said 'Adsum. I refer to 'Good-bye, Mr. Chips!', by James Hilton. . . . It is a public duty and no small pleasure to pass the word along from house to house when anyone gives the world something as deeply satisfying as 'Good-bye, Mr. Chips!'"

As a Junior Master, Mr. Chipping — his boys called him Chips!—came to Brook-field, an English school, in 1870 and there he remained for sixty-three years, growing less shy and more mellow; growing more tolerant, more humorous, and always more beloved by the boys he formed. A schoolmaster for nearly three-quarters of a century, Mr. Chips summed up in his person an abiding loyalty for England; a nostalgic and pathetic loyalty for Kathie, the wife who was with him so short a time; an intelligent loyalty for the classics he taught, and, above all, a crusty, dryly amusing, and lifelong loyalty to the School which was his world.

In the lives of most of us there is probably one such elder, usually a teacher, whose constancy and understanding, whose humor and wisdom, we never forget. "Good-bye, Mr. Chips" is a story to be read and reread, a story to be widely discussed and deeply treasured

Opinions of "Good-bye, Mr. Chips"

'If I am the means of your reading it, I shall receive your gratitude."—William Lyon Phelps in Scribners.

"The loveliest new writing that has been done in years."—Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews.

"It is charming and tender and humorous."—Margaret Ayer Barnes.

"A minor miracle."—New York Times Book Review.

"Dickens would have loved Mr. Chips."—New York Sun.

"A tiny, catch-in-the-throat story ... in its way perfectly done.''—The New Yorker.

"It is a sentimental masterpiece."—Lewis Gannett in the New York Herald Tribune.

"A rarely beautiful book."—Chicago Daily News.

"It is one of the literary treats you should not miss." —Indianapolis News.

"There is about it the feeling of something quietly delightful, very near and very elusive."—Cincinnati Enquirer.

"It is an exciting discovery . . . tenderly exciting. "-Los Angeles Times.

"As impossible to classify as it is easy to read."— New Orleans Item-Tribune.

"An utterly charming little story."—Boston Transcript.

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