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  • Gonzalo Lebrija: As Time Goes By by Gonzalo Lebrija
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Gonzalo Lebrija: As Time Goes By by Gonzalo Lebrija

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Publisher : Other Criteria Books
Binding : Paperback
Pages : 176
Publication Date : 12/1/2010
Condition : BRAND NEW
The work of renowned Guadalajaran artist Gonzalo Lebrija addresses the notion of power, bureaucracy and hypocrisy in Mexican society and, by association, the Western world. Creating photographs and installations imbued with both humour and a probing insistence to unveil the faults of seemingly unfaltering political structures, Lebrija invites us to observe Armani-clad businessmen riding bulls, or lawyers participating in a paper-aeroplane competition from Guadalajara's tallest office block. By undermining steadfast political and business hierarchies, Lebrija puts into question the true pecking order of modern society.In his first major monograph 80 full-colour illustrations of the artist's multifarious work sit alongside texts by poets, artists and architects specially commissioned by Lebrija.