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General Grivas on Guerrilla Warfare by George Grivas ; Translated by A.A. Pallis

General Grivas on Guerrilla Warfare by George Grivas ; Translated by A.A. Pallis


New York : Frederick A. Praeger, 1965. Hardcover. 109 pages ; Illustrations ; 22 cm. Price clipped dust jacket with minimal wear. Pages are age toned and unmarked. Binding is firm.

Translated by A. A. PALLIS

Although each military struggle—especially outside the sphere of conventional warfare—has its own special characteristics and consequently its peculiar strategy and tactics, in this book, General George Grivas brilliantly applies his experiences in the campaign for the liberation of Cyprus to guerrilla warfare in general. From the lessons he learned, he draws conclusions about the uses of guerrilla war in any future conflict anywhere. He analyzes the planning, organization, strategy, and tactics of the National Organization of Cypriot Fighters (EOKA), and its close cooperation with the people of the island, and comments on the reactions and methods of the British and of the Turkish and Communist opposition.

The Appendixes include a description of the explosives manufactured by EOKA, Grivas' instructions to the Greek Cypriot population for self-defense against Turkish attacks, and the complete text of the plan of action he drew up before launching the struggle for independence.

General Grivas has been an outstandingly successful guerrilla commander, and what he has to say on the subject of guerrilla fighting will be important to military specialists and students of warfare.

THE AUTHOR: General George Grivas was born in Cyprus in 1898. After fighting with the Greek Army in the Asia Minor Campaign of 1922, he taught as a staff college lecturer in Athens. His own private army, "Xhi" fought against the Axis occupying forces during World War II, and against the Communists after the war. From 1954 to 1959, under the name Dighenis—that of a legendary Greek hero—he led the EOKA in Cyprus.

The Memoirs of General Grivas Edited by Charles Foley

This remarkable book is General George Grivas' personal account of his campaign for the liberation of Cyprus from British rule. In it, he tells of his original conception of a plan to raise and lead Cypriot armed forces, as well as of the early reconnaissance from Greece that preceded the outbreak, in 1955, of what he regarded as a war and the British regarded as civil violence" During the four years that followed, his small bands of guerrillas—the National Organization of Cypriot Fighters (EOKA)—dealt out death and destruction and eluded the continual efforts of a large British force to capture or destroy them.

General Grivas also-tells of his relationships with Archbishop akarios and other Cypriot leaders, of compromises by the political authorities, of the offers of terms by the British command, and of appeals made individually by members of the British Parliament. All such proposals he regarded with the deepest distrust. Once committed, he never spared himself or others in his long successful fight.

The frank revelations of his plans, methods, and beliefs, and the exciting account of his personal adventures and hairbreadth escapes, make this a work of historical importance and unique interest.

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