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  • Gary Hume: A Cat on a Lap by Gary Hume
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Gary Hume: A Cat on a Lap by Gary Hume

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Publisher : Other Criteria Books
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 316
Publication Date : 9/1/2009
Condition : BRAND NEW
The work of renowned painter and sculptor Gary Hume is characterized by his invigorating use of radiant panes of glossy colour. In his first major monograph the artist's rich, affecting work is granted new life in over 200 full-colour illustrations. Using imagery as diverse as polar bears, snowmen and supermodels, Hume turns ephemera into striking portraits and abstract landscapes – the paintings are simplistic yet engaging, blending a charming naivety with a sophisticated grasp of the colour wheel, all of which confirms Hume's position as one of Britain's most celebrated artists.While Hume's trademark use of gloss planes creates a reduced texture, the flatness of his form and composition combines to suggest an air of melancholy.