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  • Futurballa: Life Light Speed by Ester Coen
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Futurballa: Life Light Speed by Ester Coen

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Publisher : Skira
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 232
Publication Date : 10/24/2017
Condition : BRAND NEW
Fuled by a spirit of solidarity with the world of outcasts, Giacomo Balla learned his trade in Turin and reflected the cruel, painful reality of society’s underclass with a penetrating, human eye. Parallel to the themes of suffering and alienation, the artist developed an original style of the utmost technical sensitivity rooted in the Divisionist schools of Piedmont region. It is this brushwork with its wealth of glowing streaks, bold contrasts of light and dark, and daring perspective that constituted a unique and extraordinary model for the Futurist generation. In the second, Balla embraced the poetics of Futurism and addressed the themes of modernity in the chromatic synthesis of individual elements of light visible in the Iridescent Interpenetrations. This was followed in the third by exploration of the new dynamic reality with his Lines of Speed. In a gradual progress towards pure mathematical, vertical, diagonal and spiral signs, Balla discovered new categories of representation in its primary parameters, in the amplification of the physical phenomenon, isolated and dissected in its reality as vibratile matter. A vision that plumbed the greatest depths in order to transcend the limits of the frame in an ever-greater response to life, the ultimate signal of a universal force whose power reverberates in the “voices of nature”.