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  • Filip Zorzor (English and German Edition) by Frizzi Krella
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Filip Zorzor by Frizzi Krella

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Publisher : DISTANZ
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 120
Publication Date : 5/25/2017
Condition : BRAND NEW
The pictures that form the painterly universe of Filip Zorzor(b. Bucharest, 1974; lives and works in Berlin) synthesize his perceptions with the intuitions of his keen senses. They are paintings of human existence, social, political, rich in timbre and sensual. The artist always seeks to capture a visualemotional whole, aiming for the utmost intensity of experience. His works are not mere depictions; scrutinizing questions immanent to his métier, he achieves a highly individual visual idiom. Superimpositions, transformations, and revisions in the finished pictures bear witness to the creative process. Exuberant grid patterns and vegetative shapes engender a resolutely nonrepresentational and complex space of abstraction. At first glance, the confoundingly soft palette obscures the reflections that gave rise to the artist’s ideas and the resistance they needed to overcome. It is only when the beholder reads the title of a picture or becomes engrossed in a detail that the theoretical space behind the canvas is revealed. This oeuvre catalogue, the first monograph on Zorzor’s art, presents sixty paintings from the past twelve years as well as several photographs the artist took on research trips. A comprehensive index rounds out the volume. With essays by Florian Illies and Frizzi Krella.