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  • Escape Artist: The Art of Fran Forman by Fran Forman
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Escape Artist: The Art of Fran Forman by Fran Forman

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Publisher : Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 192
Publication Date : 1/28/2015
Condition : BRAND NEW
In this rich and dream-like collection of photo-paintings, artist and fabulist Fran Forman offers characters, scenes and visual narratives that lure the imagination. She explores the multiple meanings of the word escape, focusing on the central idea of breaking through the normal barriers of everyday life. Many of these figures appear to be floating or rowing or sailing away, trying to leave the rest of the earth-bound world behind. Thus, the artist invites us to ask ourselves what realities exist beyond the traditional limits of gravity, linear time, and social convention. The exquisite poems and story by writer Michelle Blake act as a guidebook to these vast imaginary worlds, suggesting voices for some of the characters and destinations for some of the journeys. All together, the book offers its own particular form of beauty, one that invites the viewer to step outside the known.