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Double exposure by Piers Anthony - Cultural Heritage Books

Double Exposure by Piers Anthony


Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, 1982. Book club edition. Hardcover. 790 pages : illustrations, map ; 22 cm. A very good copy with the original dust jacket, has firm binding, clean and unmarked pages. Stories include Split infinity. Blue adept. Juxtaposition.


On Proton, a world ruled by an all-powerful Citizenship, Stile is a mere serf. He is also, however, a star in the demanding and highly competitive games which are the major preoccupation of Proton's populace. Jockey-sized but powerfully built, Stile would not trade his life for any other; nowhere else could he satisfy his passion for the games.

But Stile's complacent life is shattered forever when someone tries to murder him. Protection arrives in the form of a beautiful, humanoid robot, programmed both to guard and fall in love with him. But who has sent her? And who wishes him dead?

With the aid of his android companion, Stile escapes his unknown assailant through an invisible curtain into the fantastic world of Phaze—where magic works and science is powerless.

At first, it seems that he has discovered a lush and enchanted paradise, far removed from the bleak and polluted world of the technologically advanced Proton. Then, slowly, he sees that Phaze bears a startling resemblance to the world he has fled. In fact, everyone on Proton appears to have a Phazite twin. Even the omnipotent Citizens are mirrored by an elusive group of Adepts, endowed with overwhelming magical strength. Indeed, the Phazite world is a perfect parallel to the Proton world—with one exception: Stile's twin appears to be missing.

Hoping to solve the mystery of both his would-be killer and his protector, Stile sets out on a quest for his double, with the help of an amazing black unicorn, an outcast werewolf, and a fiercely loyal troll.

He also discovers his considerable magic powers, unrealized on Proton and invaluable in the face of the ogres, demons and monsters that begin to challenge him with increasing frequency. For here, as on Proton, someone is out for his blood.

A fugitive in both worlds, Stile shuttles frantically between them, his problems snowballing with every trip as an ever-increasing following of lovely ladies and grateful beings demand his loyalty and protection—should he survive.

The story of a man who becomes both victim and master of two worlds, written by the author of the popular trilogy The Magic of Xanth, this engrossing three-in-one volume includes Split Infinity, Blue Adept and Juxtaposition.

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