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  • De Stijl and Dutch modernism (Critical Perspectives in Art History) by Michael White
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De Stijl and Dutch modernism by Michael White

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Publisher : Manchester University Press
Binding : Paperback
Pages : 196
Publication Date : 7/10/2003
Condition : BRAND NEW
De Stijl was the title of a magazine founded in the Netherlands in 1917 and is now used to identify the abstract art and functional architecture of its major contributors: Mondrian, Van Doesburg, Van der Leck, Oud, Wils and Rietveld. This book is the first to emphasize the local context of De Stijl and explore its relationship to the distinctive character of Dutch modernism. Examines the connection between debates concerning abstraction in painting and spatiality in architecture and contemporary developments in the fields of urban planning, advertising, interior design and exhibition design. Describes the interaction between the world of mass culture and the fine arts.