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  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti by Alicia Craig Faxon
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Dante Gabriel Rossetti by Alicia Craig Faxon

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Publisher : Abbeville Press
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 256
Publication Date : 1989
Condition : USED - VERY GOOD
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A clean book with unmarked pages, firm binding, no foxing, unsoiled, and that it is as close to new as possible but it is not brand new.
This lavishly illustrated monograph, with its luxurious design and captivating text, follows Rossetti’s life and art from his youth to his death, and brings to life a charming, extravagantly talented artist. Composed of luscious reproductions, telling details, and graceful ornamentation, this was the first illustrated monograph devoted to the uniquely talented Dante Gabriel Rossetti. One of Victorian England’s most flamboyant artists, Rossetti painted and wrote with equal passion. This ardor extended to his personal life, and often art and life intermingled as he immortalized his many loves in voluptuous and provocative images. The melodrama of Rossetti’s life, darkened by rumors of suicide, adultery, and addiction, has often overshadowed his striking accomplishments as a painter. This evocative portrayal of his life and his art vividly captures the lush colors, elaborate narratives, and sheer magnetism of his canvases. It also provides a clear and candid account of the artist that carefully untangles fact from myth. Chronicling Rossetti’s career from his early achievements as a founder of the tremendously influential Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood to the grandly unorthodox images of his final years, author Alicia Craig Faxon skillfully weaves in quotes from the artist and his contemporaries, bringing to life Rossetti’s charisma and creativity. Family reminiscences from Rossetti’s great-grandniece, Helen Guglielmini, provide an engaging complement to Dr. Faxon’s astute scholarship. From Publishers Weekly By painting a procession of "deviant" feminine types--adulterous heroines, a pagan love goddess, a militant saint, defiantly sensuous beauties--Dante Gabriel Rossetti challenged conventional Victorian images of womanhood. His Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood of artists and poets saw itself as an avant-garde rebelling against bourgeois values. In this gorgeously illustrated biographical-critical study, Faxon, art history professor at Simmons College, Boston, proves herself an astute guide to Rossetti's lush pictures with their often obscure symbolism or sources. Although she discusses his love affair with his best friend's wife, his addiction to sedatives, his nervous breakdown and attempted suicide, the exotic menagerie of animals he kept, his darker side is kept subordinate to an intelligent analysis of his art and its lasting influence. In a foreword, Helen Guglielmini, Rossetti's great-grandniece, examines the dual cultural heritage of his Italian-English ancestry. This volume is indispensable to admirers of Rossetti's paintings or poetry. Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Library Journal This sumptuous volume celebrates the artist and poet who was one of Victorian England's most provocative figures. Rossetti's voluptuous images and tempestuous life scandalized polite society and inspired a coterie of followers, the most influential of whom was William Morris. Faxon's book is neither a scholarly biography nor a catalogue raisonne, but the lively text and numerous color reproductions of the work of Rossetti and his circle convey a sense of the artist's charisma and impact on his era. Unfortunately, no list of illustrations is provided, and reproductions are cited in the index only by the title. Otherwise, this is an attractive acquisition for most art collections. - Susan Thach Dean, M.L.S., Barnet, Vt. Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc.