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Conditioned Reflex Therapy ; The direct approach to the reconstruction of personality by Andrew salter
Conditioned Reflex Therapy ; The direct approach to the reconstruction of personality by Andrew salter

Conditioned Reflex Therapy ; The direct approach to the reconstruction of personality by Andrew salter

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New York : Creative Age Press, 1949. First Edition. Hardcover. 359 pages ; 21 cm. $3.75 dust jacket with firm binding and unmarked pages.

Conditioned Reflex Therapy

This book presents an epoch-making method of psychotherapy, rich in theory, and completely down-to-earth and practical. Based on the Nobel Prize discoveries of the great physiologist Ivan Pavlov, and on Salter's day-to-day work with hundreds of people, it marks a new era in psychotherapy—the era of the conditioned reflex. It makes possible a tremendous saving in time, money, and anguish for great numbers of people in search of psychological assistance. Not only is the book lively in style, but it is as sound as the most recent laboratory experiments and numerous case histories can make it.

"Andrew Salter's application of Pavlov's conditioned reflex science to the everyday lives of human beings promises to be of fundamental importance in the prevention of mental ills. To the physician and the man in the street it offers a science of self-control. Salter's book records his pioneering work with crystal clarity. Laypersons, physicians, and psychiatrists can read it with profound personal and intellectual benefit. In the field of psychology this work may well become a landmark of the order of Darwin's Origin of Species." PAUL DE KRUIF After reading the first three chapters, H. G. WELLS said, "The destruction of psychoanalysis is conclusive."

"I believe very firmly that this book has outstanding merit as a scientific contribution. Both the general physician and the experienced psychiatrist will find Salter's explanation and treatment of personality disorders to be scientifically sound and convincing. The book has great additional merit in that it is written in clear, readily understood language, and with a complete avoidance of vague, ill-defined terminology." W. F. LORENZ, M.D. Professor of Neuropsychiatry University of Wisconsin

"A most stimulating book. It is a pleasure to read a book on therapy in which the concepts used are clear-cut and have a theoretical basis." NORMAN R. F. MAIER
Professor of Psychology University of Michigan

In Salter's words:
"Psychoanalysis has outlived its usefulness. Its methods are vague, its treatment is long drawn out, and more often than not, its results are insipid and unimpressive. But, we may ask ourselves, might it not be that psychotherapy, by its very nature, must always be difficult, time-consuming, and inefficient? I do not think so. I say flatly that psychotherapy can be quite rapid and extremely efficacious. I know so because I have done so. And if the reader will bear with me, I will show him how by building our therapeutic methods on the firm scientific bedrock of Pavlov, we can keep out of the Freudian metaphysical quicksands and help ten persons in the time that the Freudians are getting ready to 'help' one."

Som£ may find the frankness of this book distressing because it does not mince words in talking about human behavior. But blunt as it is, everybody will find it written with sympathy and understanding, and an uncompromising regard for truth.

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