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climbers testament by w kenneth richmond

Climber's testament by W. Kenneth Richmond


London : Alvin Redman, 1950. First British edition. Hardcover. 246 pages : plates ; 23 cm. 12 shilling dust jacket. Pages are age toned and unmarked. Binding is firm.

Climber's Testament

"CLIMBER'S TESTAMENT" is addressed to those many thousands who may only have scaled the Matterhorn in their dreams, and have never reached the snow-line in actuality, to the rock-specialist and the tough hill-walker who has "bagged" his century of "Munros" as well as to the youth-hosteller who grunts and sweats beneath a weary load and goes weekend rambling over the moors and hills. It will appeal, in fact, to all who have felt the call of the high places and have answered it, fair weather or foul.

It is a thoughtful attempt to outline a mountaineering philosophy, both for the lone-hand and the member of a roped party.

The author deals in a wide sweep with the many absorbing aspects of life in the open-air, such as, the attitude to mountains in time past, weather, folklore, and wild life.

In a special section of the book he offers helpful suggestions and advice continued on Back Flap for climbing in North Wales, Lakeland, the Pennines, the Peak District, Arran, Central and Western Highlands, the Cairngorms, Northern Highlands and Skye, and also for many other districts which are not, as yet, so well known.

Here, indeed, is an engrossing and useful book for rock-climbers, hill-walkers, and those with a taste for wild scenery and vivid experience. "CLIMBER'S TESTAMENT" is profoundly and yet refreshingly written and is liberally illustrated with 36 full-page plates.

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