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  • Christian Moller: A Time and Place by Christian Moller
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Christian Moller: A Time and Place by Christian Moller

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Publisher : Lars Müller Publishers
Binding : Paperback
Pages : 320
Publication Date : 6/4/2004
Condition : BRAND NEW
Time and Place describes a fascinating balancing act between the analogue and digital worlds, performed by Christian Moeller, a trained architect operating as an experimental creative force. A lavishly illustrated report on the extensive body of work output by Moeller between 1991 and 2003, this monograph mixes book and internet pages, allowing printed matter and time-based elements to link up and form a whole that embraces both media, consistently and with little redundancy. Cleverly designed alongside an elaborate new media equivalent available only on the internet, Time and Place asks to be read in front of an on-line computer, so that the texts, drawings, and photographs that appear in the book can form a meaningful complement to the digitized sequences of image and sound posted on the web.