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Children of Dune by Frank Herbert - Cultural Heritage Books

Children of Dune by Frank Herbert


New York : Berkley Publishing Corp. : Distributed by Putnam, 1976. Book club edition. Hardcover. 444 pages ; 22 cm. A very good copy with the original dust jacket, has firm binding, clean and unmarked pages.


A major event for Frank Herbert's legion of fans—the long-awaited final segment of the DUNE trilogy.

In this climactic third volume, Herbert returns to Arrakis and chronicles the next step in the evolution of that planet and the human race.

CHILDREN OF DUNE combines the threads of ecology and adventure developed in DUNE with the theme of political intrigue from DUNE MESSIAH, bringing the trilogy of its transcendant conclusion. The book will reward and delight the millions of DUNE fans who have made that work the most popular science fiction novel of modern times.

FRANK HERBERT, best known for his epic science fiction novel DUNE, has more than twenty books to his credit. He lives with his family in Washington State where he has turned six acres into an Ecological Demonstration Project, showing that a high quality of life can be maintained with a minimal drain on the total energy system.

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