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Beat the Dealer : A winning strategy for the game of twenty-one by Edward O. Thorp

Beat the Dealer : A winning strategy for the game of twenty-one by Edward O. Thorp


New York : Blaisdell Publishing, 1962. Third printing. Hardcover. 236 pages ; 22 cm. $4.95 dust jacket with minimal wear. Owner name rubber stamped on top page edge. Owner name written in pencil on title page. No other markings elsewhere. Pages are age toned. Binding is firm.


Professor Thorp presents the first accurate system for consistently winning the modern casino game, Blackjack. In this game—also known variously as "21," "Van John," "Pontoon," "Vingt-et-un," and "Ein-und-zwanzig"—the player can gain and keep a decided advantage over the house by relying on the strategy delineated here. This strategy, based on the mathematical theory of probability, was developed by Professor Thorp with the aid of an electronic computer. The essentials, consolidated in a few simple charts, can be understood and memorized easily by the average player. One of the charts shows how variations in casino rules influence the players chances and thus enables him to select an advantageous casino. The presentation of the system readily lends itself to the rapid play normally encountered in casinos.

Ever since the time of Cardano and Pascal, mathematicians have been delving into the theory of games of chance. Like many predecessors, Ed-ward O. Thorp has often spent hours theorizing about the game of Blackjack; unlike his precursors, he has devised and tested a system for consistently winning this game as it is played in casinos today.

Edward O. Thorp is presently teaching at New Mexico State University where he is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Prior to this post, from 1959-1961, he was a C.L.E. Moore Instructor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has also taught at the University of California at Los Angeles, from which he received a Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1958. One of Dr. Thorp's major fields of interest is probability-game theory. He is a member of the American Mathematical Society and the Edinburgh Mathematical Society.

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