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  • Amazing World of Carmine Infantino by Carmine Infantino
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Amazing World of Carmine Infantino by Carmine Infantino

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Publisher : Vanguard
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 192
Publication Date : 4/1/2001
Condition : BRAND NEW
In his 60-year career, Carmine Infantino practised nearly every job in the field of comics, for a "Who's Who" list of publishers. But Infantino will always be remembered as the personification of DC Comics' Silver Age. Infantino helped to resurrect a dying comics industry in 1956 as the artist who launched the Silver Age with his co-creation, the Flash, and remains the best remembered Flash artist of all-time. Infantino proved one of the all-time, great sci-fi artists with his elegant, cityscaped Adam Strange. The only sci-fi comic to rival the sales of Adam Strange was Star Wars, to which Infantino also contributed. In 1964, Infantino became indispensable to the Batman legacy. He, with editor Julius Schwartz, saved the Caped Crusader's comics from impending cancellation with the "New Look Batman." Infantino also redesigned the Batmobile and with Schwartz, created Batgirl. In 1971, Infantino became Publisher and ultimately, President of DC Comics. Infantino's brave corporate moves include: comic books of pulp characters; the Shadow and Tarzan; the Neal Adams/Denny O'Neil Green Lantern-Green Arrow series; Jack Kirby Fourth World saga; the revival of Captain Marvel; pay raises, royalties, and the return of originals to artists. This is Infantino's own history of comics with co-author J. David Spurlock, through Infantino's experiences, from the industry's primordial, Golden Age, through his artistic achievements, corporate years at DC Comics, and post-corporate years including his animation work, teaching, return as a top artist to DC, and Batman newspaper strip. Foreword by Joe Kubert. Afterword by Jim Steranko.