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a penny a copy reading from the catholic worker edited by thomas c cornell and james h forest

A Penny a Copy : Reading from the Catholic Worker edited by Thomas C. Cornell and James H. Forest


New York : MacMillan Company, 1968. First Printing. Stated. Hardcover. 271 pages ; 22 cm. $6.95 dust jacket with few small rips and tears along the edges of the jacket. Foxing to the first few and last few pages. Storage odor with pages. Pages are unmarked. Binding is firm.

Urging a bit of subtle sabotage against the Brooklyn light company one minute, weighing the meaning of the life of St. Francis the next, these writings from the last four decades of The Catholic Worker form an unparalleled record of the development of radical Catholic social thought in the United States.

Compassionate, quirky, intelligent, highly personal, invariably interesting, they exude that special brand of gentle anarchy that has been the hallmark of the Worker since Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin founded it in 1933 to bring the Catholic Church into the social-action movements of the Depression period.

Many of the more famous writers included here have made an important impact on the Catholic community in the mid-twentieth century, among them Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin, Thomas Merton, Gordon Zahn, Robert Ludlow, Tom Sullivan, John Cogley, and Eileen Fantino Diaz. Others, more obscure, wrote once, left their mark, and moved on never to be heard from again.

But all have had something urgent and valuable to say about racism, pacifism, or other major social issues that continue to convulse America, and about important human themes such as life on the land and the brotherhood of man. They say it eloquently here in writings whose subjects range widely and wildly from draft resistance to the death of a friend, from alcoholism to the obliteration bombing of Hiroshima, from Albert Camus to the virtues of Irish culture.
The Catholic Worker has been a phenom-enon in Catholic life. The impact of its ex-traordinarily influential mode of thought has been felt throughout the American Catholic Church. Out of it has grown most of the social concern that now actively shows itself within Catholicism.

A Penny a Copy is a vivid testament to the animating spirit that launched—and con-tinues to sustain—that concern.

THOMAS CORNELL and JAMES FOREST, both co-ordinators of the Catholic Peace Fellow-ship, are frequent contributors to Catholic and Protestant publications. Both lecture throughout the country and are actively con-cerned with the peace movement.

First sold for A PENNY A COPY, The Catholic Worker, the voice of American radical Catholicism for three decades, has published articles by many of the liveliest social commentators of our time. Those included in this collection are:

Dorothy Day
John McKeon
Peter Maurin
Henri Perrin, S.J.
Jacques Maritain
William Everson
Paul Hanly Furf
Jack and Mary Thornton
Donald Powell
Eileen Fantino Diaz
Ben Joe Labray
Robert Grant
Graham Carey
Edmund J. Egan
John Cogley
Deane Mowrer
David Mason
Charles Butterworth
Gordon Zahn
Denis Knight
Stanley Vishnewski
Thomas Merton
Jack English
Karl Meyer
Tom Sullivan
James E. Milord
Robert Ludlow
Jean Forest
Ammon Hennacy
Nicole d'Entremont
William Gauchat
Thomas P. Murray

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