Handbook of Geophysics and Space Environments prepared by Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories edited by Shea L. Valley

Handbook of Geophysics and Space Environments prepared by Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories edited by Shea L. Valley

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New York : McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1965. Hardcover. Unpaginated (22 Chapter) ; Illustrations ; 30 cm. $24.50 dust jacket with minimal wear. Foxing to page edges. No markings within pages. Binding is firm.

SHEA L. VALLEY Scientific Editor

In this book you will find a comprehensive collection of geophysical data — formulas, definitions, theories, and hypotheses about the world's atmosphere, shape, gravity, and magnetic field, and the space environment in so far as it is known or can be deduced.

The unique advantage of this handbook is that it provides, in one convenient volume, a wealth of information on the atmosphere, the geomagnetic field, gravity and geodesy, and solar phenomena.

In addition, the book provides designers and engineers with definitions of the technical terms and units of measurement used by specialists in these various subjects. (Such terms and units are often obscure to the non-specialist when he consults the technical literature for the most recent results of research in a specialized area — and are difficult to find in textbooks or technical dictionaries.)

Whereas the usual handbook is written for the reader with specialized knowledge of the particular subject matter of the handbook, this volume is written for the reader with some knowledge of general science or engineering who needs guidance in the discipline and language as well as data of a particular subject of specialization.

The book's 22 fact-filled sections cover geodesy and gravity; model atmospheres; atmospheric temperature, density, pressure, and moisture; winds; precipitation, clouds, and aerosols ; atmospheric composition; atmospheric optics; atmospheric electricity; some aspects of electromagnetic wave propagation; transmission and detection of infrared radiation; the geomagnetic field; ionospheric physics; airglow and aurorae; meteoritic phenomena; the sun; solar electromagnetic radiation; corpuscular radiation; interplanetary space and the solar atmosphere; the lunar environment ; planetary environments; astrophysics and astronomy; and radio astronomy.

Each of the book's main sections is subdivided into a number of related subsections. For example, Section 9, "Some Aspects of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation," contains subsections on refractive modulus in the troposphere; attenuation and back-scattering in the troposphere; ionospheric interactions; radio reflections from meteor trails; whistlers, ionospherics, and hydromagnetic waves.

Here is comprehensive, authoritative, and unique coverage of geophysics and space environments — a book that will prove of inestimable value to Air Force planners, designers, developers, engineers, and operators of aerospace systems.

In addition, the book will serve the needs of the scientist, who will find the tables and figures a convenient, quick reference to data in his own field; the specialist in other disciplines who requires environmental data; and the research administrator who seeks a summary of current knowledge in environmental research.

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